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Virginia has some of the harshest traffic regulations in the entire country. As an example, if you are cited for driving more than 20 miles per hour above the posted speed limit, you may be hit with a reckless driving charge — a criminal offense.

At Bain Sheldon, our Richmond traffic violation lawyers are committed to protecting the interests of drivers throughout Central Virginia. For a free initial consultation and an experienced Richmond traffic violation lawyer who will fight to protect your rights and save your license, call us at 804-282-8625 or contact us online.

Traffic Violations We Handle in Virginia

We handle the full range of traffic issues in Virginia. At Bain Sheldon, our Richmond traffic ticket lawyers understand what you have at stake. We know how easily traffic points can add up to cost you a small fortune in higher insurance premiums and lead to the loss of your license at the same time. Specifically, some of the traffic violations that we have experience handling in Richmond, VA include:

  • Speeding tickets
  • Red lights tickets
  • Improper driving offenses
  • Reckless driving charges
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Commercial driving (CDL) citations
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Habitual traffic offenders cases
  • DUI charges

Whether the matter involves getting a speeding ticket while your license was under suspension, a citation for reckless driving or a DUI charge — you need an attorney who has the skills, tenacity, and experience to protect your license and your rights.

Know the Consequences of Traffic Ticket/Charge

Paying a ticket or pleading guilty to a traffic offense could be a huge mistake. Before you move forward, make sure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the consequences that come with paying the fine or pleading guilty to the offense.

Our law firm is here to help.

We will conduct a careful assessment of the ticket/charges entered against you, listen to your side of the story, investigate the issue, and take the proper steps to protect your rights. A simple mistake should not cost you your license, your freedom, your job, or your future.

Speak to Our Richmond, VA Traffic Defense Attorneys Today

At Bain Sheldon, our Virginia traffic offense lawyers are standing by, ready to protect your rights. If you or your loved one is dealing with any traffic ticket or traffic charge, we are prepared to help. To set up a free, strictly confidential initial consultation, please call us today at 804-282-8625 or contact us directly online. With an office in Richmond, we represent motorists throughout Central Virginia.

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