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Greg is such a great lawyer, truly the best. He comforted my family and myself with reinsurance. We were able to get my situation sorted out and even get to be able to spend the holidays with my family. I definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Professional. Met expectations. Extremely pleased with results achieved

He pays attention to detail and understands how to communicate the client’s situation in their favor to the judge. He understands the law thoroughly and I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking legal assistance.

As a veteran, I have been in very many stressful situations. Nothing prepared me for my arrest, however. I was in a dark place, and didn’t think there was any way out. Greg Sheldon was there to reassure me and also provide the best legal counsel and ensure I got the best possible outcome in my case. Every time I began to doubt whether I would be able to maintain any semblance of my normal life, Greg was there to help both in and out of court. While he may occasionally miss your calls or texts, he is a great lawyer, a great person, and is always working to make sure that you have representation that you can trust.

Greg Sheldon provided guidance and peace of mind to me in unfamiliar territory. He maintained a proactive approach navigating my case through the legal system and working with the prosecutor before it ever went to trial. Perhaps most importantly, he instills confidence. Knowing Greg is there advocating on your behalf lets you focus on other things and focus on your daily life. I highly recommend Greg Sheldon if you ever find yourself in need of legal counsel.

Gregory Sheldon. By far one of the best lawyers in this state. I would highly recommend Mr. Sheldon to anyone that needs a great lawyer that actually cares about your case and what’s best for his clients. Mr. Sheldon has represented me on criminal law cases; some big, some small, and family cases and I honestly wouldn’t have rather had anyone else representing me. He has always put effort and hard work into each of my cases. His client communication is remarkable. He is reachable through calling, texting, walk-ins, just about any way you could think of and his response rate is in a quick timely manner. Mr. Sheldon is extremely good at what he does and anytime I say that’s who my lawyer is I get nothing but positive responses. Gregory Sheldon is the man with a plan when it comes to court cases and knowing his stuff. Extremely blessed to have crossed paths with Mr. Sheldon.

Working with Greg was easy. He understood my situation and gave comfort to my family and I with the processes ahead. He was responsive to questions and took time to explain them. His dedication to this clients truly shows in the court room. Without him I don’t think I would have had the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Greg Sheldon.

It’s an open and shut case. Mr. Sheldon is a highly skilled trial attorney with impeccable morals and well respected in the legal community – all hallmarks of an effective defense attorney. He is tough, tenacious, one of the best around, and has the record to prove it. I was facing multiple felony charges around Virginia, yet from our first meeting I felt a sense of peace knowing I was in capable hands. Mr. Sheldon was always on point with his analysis and understanding of the law and the evidence. From his meticulous preparation and exceptional litigation skills I was acquitted on all counts. His real character comes out in high pressure situations where most attorneys unravel. He can grasp facts and issues in a courtroom on his feet faster than anyone else. I would refer him without hesitation having first handed experience as Mr. Sheldon was always available and handled my cases tirelessly, diligently, and professionally. The best, period.

I’ve known Mr. Sheldon for a few years now and he takes alot into consideration when dealing with you such as if he’s represented you before and in my experience he has been the most considerate with matters such as finances or any request he will fight for. I’ve had very excellent results with mr Sheldon and I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch well known and respected lawyer.

Mr Gregory Sheldon has represented me since the early 2000s when I had no faith in lawyers in general .I know I wasn’t a easy client to deal with and he was able to put my attitude aside and see that I was scared.I was blown away by Our first case together and there after Mr Sheldon has represented me on any case I’ve needed him.If you are looking for someone who is professional and completely knowledgeable in their career Mr Sheldon is the lawyer you want.

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