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Gregory Sheldon. By far one of the best lawyers in this state. I would highly recommend Mr. Sheldon to anyone that needs a great lawyer that actually cares about your case and what’s best for his clients. Mr. Sheldon has represented me on criminal law cases; some big, some small, and family cases and I honestly wouldn’t have rather had anyone else representing me. He has always put effort and hard work into each of my cases. His client communication is remarkable. He is reachable through calling, texting, walk-ins, just about any way you could think of and his response rate is in a quick timely manner. Mr. Sheldon is extremely good at what he does and anytime I say that’s who my lawyer is I get nothing but positive responses. Gregory Sheldon is the man with a plan when it comes to court cases and knowing his stuff. Extremely blessed to have crossed paths with Mr. Sheldon.

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