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It’s an open and shut case. Mr. Sheldon is a highly skilled trial attorney with impeccable morals and well respected in the legal community – all hallmarks of an effective defense attorney. He is tough, tenacious, one of the best around, and has the record to prove it. I was facing multiple felony charges around Virginia, yet from our first meeting I felt a sense of peace knowing I was in capable hands. Mr. Sheldon was always on point with his analysis and understanding of the law and the evidence. From his meticulous preparation and exceptional litigation skills I was acquitted on all counts. His real character comes out in high pressure situations where most attorneys unravel. He can grasp facts and issues in a courtroom on his feet faster than anyone else. I would refer him without hesitation having first handed experience as Mr. Sheldon was always available and handled my cases tirelessly, diligently, and professionally. The best, period.

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